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Danang Highlight Tours

Staying Danang city, you are looking for an outdoor activity, just spend a day tour in Danang is that enough to cover the cultures and history of the city. So what to see once staying in Danang city? Danang Private Taxi suggest you to see the highlight as following.

Danang Highlight Tours
Marble Mountains – Panorama View – Danang city

1. Marble Mountains:
It’s a complex of five mountains at Danang city. Each mountain is said to represent a natural element and is named accordingly: Thuy Son (Water), Moc Son (Wood), Hoa Son (Fire), Kirn Son (Metal or Gold) and Tho Son (Earth). The largest and most famous, Thuy Son, has a number of natural caves in which first Hindu, and later Buddhist, sanctuaries have been built over the centuries.

Danang Highlight Tours
Da Nang Beach

2. My Khe Beach:
From the top of Marble Marble you could almost see Hoi An to the south, at the end of the very long beach. The beach stretches north along Danang and all the way the foot of Hai Van Pass. There are plans to develop this marvelous beach into world-class resorts. May be one day many Americans will return. But I doubt very much their number will ever exceed those who came as soldiers during the Vietnam War. To most Americans nowadays Vietnam probably is as unknown and remote as Afghanistan and Iraq were in the 1960s.

Danang Highlight Tours
Bana Hills – Danang city

3. Bana Hills:
Ba Na Hills is located 1,480 meters above sea level, in the Truong Son mountain range, two hours by road from Danang. Ba Na is home to a former French resort built in the early 1920s, which once boasted 200 villas, restaurants, and clubs. Its temperate climate, unspoiled forest, and spectacular views over the South China Sea and the Lao mountain range made Ba Na a popular place to retreat for the French and wealthy Vietnamese. Today the area still attract locals and tourists alike, however a four-wheel drive is required to reach Ba Na as the roads are rough. You would not be sorry for the effort taken to get to this tranquil part of Vietnam.

Danang Highlight Tours
Cu Lao Cham Island-Danang

4. Cham Island:
Cu Lao Cham is full name of Cham Island. It’s South of Danang about 50km ~ 31miles. A paradise island for snorkeling and diving in Central Vietnam. Beside the landscape and fisherman village we can spend time for walking around the village, local pagoda to learn more their cultural life we also try some fresh seafood after a busy of shopping day in Danang city or Hoi An Town. You can spend time at Cham Island 1 day or two days option for your re.

Danang Highlight Tours
Bach Ma – Hue city – Vietnam

5. Bach Ma National Park:
Danang to Bach Ma National Park
private tour 1 day discovering the nature forest is designed for whom is interest in wild nature and waterfalls. Danang Private Taxi team will bring you an enjoyable day with trekking to the Summit of Bach Ma National Park, swimming at Five Lakes System, clean your lungs with Bach Ma fresh air.

Danang Highlight Tours
Son Tra Danang-Vietnam

6. Son Tra Peninsula:
Son Tra Peninsula is a new destination for your exploring in Danang city. Famous for Lady Buddha Statue 70m height you can see it from Danang Coastline. Beside its own beauty, you can spend time to Son Tra Summit for overview of Danang city, trekking in the forest, and spend time for swimming here.

Danang Highlight Tours
Hoi An Old Town-Vietnam

7. Hoi An Ancient Town:
Hoi An Ancient Town is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site.

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