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Saigon to NhaTrang by Luxury Car

Saigon to NhaTrang by Luxury Car

The distance from Sai Gon to Nha Trang is 450 km. It’s a long way and take about more than 8 hours. So, stop to relax, eat, and visit the roadsides will be an interesting things. On the coastal road, you will cross in Long Khanh Town, you can stop at a tropical garden, eat and buy some fresh fruits. It take about 1 hour.

saigon luxury car
Nha Trang City

You’re staying in SaiGon ( Ho Chi Minh City ) and you want to change the air. Rent  a Luxury Limousine Dcar and come to Nhatrang –  the city of beachs. Why do you should book Sai gon to Nha trang by luxury car by a luxury Limousine Dcar? Firstly, it can can pick you up anytime, anywhere and stop any sceneries that you request. And the safety is placed on the top. Of course, a Limousine is the highest quality car with full facilities such as: Mini Bar, Wifi 3G, Electronic game play kit, etc. It bring for you relaxation feelings, and absolute safety. Let’s contact Danang Private Taxi, our Limousine is always available for your request.

Saigon to Nhatrang by Luxury Car
Saigon Luxury Car

Come to NhaTrang beach city, let buy a ticket and relax at Vinpearl Land with many adventure games. You can diving, snorkeling and get boat trips to nearby islands are the most popular water sport activities. For the more adventurous, why not rev up a jet ski and zip about on the open ocean. Parasailing also makes for a thrilling ride in the sky. Stay at here, you must to eat the seafoods and have a party on the beach at night. Go to Institute of Oceanography and watch many diversity marines. And don’t forget come to some islands and enjoy the wild beauties like Robinhood island.

Contact Danang Private Taxi Sales Team for customize your trip and get details quote.

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Moreover, we provide the baby car seat for your kid with free of cost. So please let us know if you need it for your trip.

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